Jan 14, 2022 • 2M

Conversations on Consciousness

A quick announcement of The Present Dimension Podcast, a separate and ongoing series available now.

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A Creative Magazine on Awe Mystery Meaning and Spirit
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Hey folks. This is just a quickie to let you know about The Present Dimension Podcast, a series of conversations my partner Molly and I have been doing in recent months. 

As previously announced here, The Present Dimension is the creative brand which runs adjacent to this magazine. While what you read here is always rooted first in the written word, The Present Dimension Podcast, conversely, is driven by the power of conversation

Thus far Molly and I have talked to musicians, poets, therapists and more, diving into their stories and their ideas through the same filter of consciousness which has marked what you've heard here over the last year. Similar gist, but simply through the iris of others.

Having landed in North Carolina a year ago with a non-existent social network, the project of finding comparably-curious souls has proven surprisingly exciting. Making friends as an adult is its own adventure, and The Present Dimension Podcast has been part of that process.

Perhaps Life simply is the function of all the people we meet.

You can check out these conversations on Spotify or Apple Podcasts or at ThePresentDimension.com.

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Finally, regarding these emails, I always invite your feedback: Is there something you'd like more of? Questions you want answered? Mysteries which demand pondering 🤔 ? Let me know.

Thanks for your support and have a stellar day.