Hi Joe..this is your grandmother, I loved those shared Christmas memories. Remember my writngs? A couple of years ago I included a satirical piece about Christmas her in my community. Graue Mill. I put it in our newsletter. Here goes!

Twas the night before Christmas...right here in Graue Mill

The place was so quiet..and the air held a chill

Our Clubhouse was festive...all covered in light

With red velvet stockings...arranged in plain sight

Some people who live here...were snug in their beds

While visions of Florida...danced in their heads

And me in my nightgown.....all tidy and neat

I heard a loud noise...and I jumped to my feet

As I went to the window....I saw in the dark

A large bearded fellow....attempting to park

His transport was strange.....it looked like a sled

With big silver runners...and painted bright red

It was piled high with packages....beautifully wrapped

As he held a big flashlight.....his fingers he snapped

Then what to my wondering eyes did appear...

But the lovely dark shadows....of some of our deer

The man's eyes just glistened...and so did his beard

And in the blink of a moment,,,he just disappeared

So I went back to bed...and to my great surprise

What I saw the next morning....delighted my eyes

Sparkling and lovely...like gossamer wings

Our lobby tree lit up...with tassels and things

A miniature train-set was running beneath

And the doorway was sporting a huge holly wreath

In the far distant morning...I swear I did hear

"Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year"

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Dec 22, 2021Liked by Joe

May you reclaim that bliss this Christmas!!

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